Monday, December 27, 2004

Insomniac Meanderings

Great. It is now 4:36 EST, which means I have been awake for 2 hours, having before that slept for about three and a half. Then I read in bed for a while, tried to convince myself I was tired again, lay awake for a while, thought about whether it really is true that after so many years your pillow is 75% dustmites, thought about trying not to forget to tuck Clif Bars in my suitcase, thought about how I did this last night too. Etc.

So I got up and visited with the kitten, who has now gone back to sleep.

Now I have read everybody's new blog posts. I enjoyed Jarrett's new Asheville pix--a number of sites I recognized, though I had never seen his very own printing press. I am still waiting to learn what's wrong with not writing, though I should also note Brumaire has some of the loveliest digressions going. If you are still reflecting on your own holidays, consider bkmarcus's reasons for celebrating Christmas however you see fit. Tony has a compelling list--and I'm glad to see that he responds to student evaluations pretty much the same way I do.

Not to mention that David Rees's Christmas list looked a lot like mine.

Too much rich food and/or wine? Not enough swimming? Thinking about travel and giving a stupid paper? Too warm in the house? Too much vacation?

Alarm goes off in an hour and a half.

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