Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Green secrets.

What readers or followers of this blog remain know that posting has been light. Indeed, rumors of its demise have not been countered. Indeed, I have been more of a reader than a writer of late, for which I apologize.

Still, since the blog still exists, I couldn't resist the chance to change its color in solidarity with the opposition in Iran, whose stories I have been following avidly in the last week. I do not tease myself with the belief that anything I would do here might make a smidge of a difference, but to the students and other protesters I say, I too would like to know where your votes are.

If anyone is reading this, I'm following
The Lede Blog (refresh for updates)
Andrew Sullivan's feed of live tweets (refresh for updates)
The Daily Dish generally
BBC news and
The Guardian
because cable news is infuriating in its lack of information and coverage.