Thursday, May 12, 2005


While I have not been writing much here, I have inadvertently started a shitstorm on Other People's Blogs.

If you're interested in following it, have a look at bkmarcus's original post and the comments. Then his engaging response.

Did I mention the comments? It seems that a Matthew Bryan got his manpanties in a knot over my expression of concern, and if his comment is not enough for you, check out his measured response on his own blog.

Oh, you got me good, Mr. Bryan. I am most impressed with your wit.


Horvus X. Callithumper said...

While I'm sure MB worked hard to obtain his wank photo stash, the ferocity with which he defends it is excessive.

saltypig said...

does everybody here talk like a wannabe professor of english littrachaw?

dude: mr. treehorn treats objects like women, man.

chief kohl: mr. treehorn draws a lotta water in this town....

Horvus X. Callithumper said...

I can make some fart noises if it'll help you feel more comfortable.

Fawkes said...

Thanks for the links!