Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Baby, please come home.

If you have seen a brownish tabby, fairly small but very fluffy, with a high-pitched meow and an occasionally friendly demeanor, please tell her that we miss her very much, that we promise to try to keep it warmer in the house, and there is plenty of canned food to be had at home. Oh yeah, and that we are really worried.


Tim said...

Oh man. Your cat is in our prayers. Hope she just went somewhere else to warm up and that you find her soon.

estaminet said...

Oh sad! I'm sure she'll be home soon. She's out gettin her freak on (metaphorical freak, if she's spayed) and will soon regale you with ribald tales while waving a cigarette around in one stripy little paw. It'll be okay. Hang in there, though...I've been through this; there are few things less fun.