Monday, October 01, 2007

The thing that bothers me is someone keeps moving my chair.

Magpie got me thinking about They Might Be Giants, which is a happy thing on as beautiful an afternoon as this one.

And since I am now back from today's hour-and-fifteen-minutes of PT, I can really only type well with one arm. (Note to self: there was a little pain in some of the diagonal pullthroughs that I had to do, and also in exercises where I was lying on a table on my stomach and pulling up thumb first at the 9 o'clock position.)

So instead, I gift you with this. I was a little disappointing that nowhere in there did they give details about women's builds and sports, but I can guess that as a short squat one, I probably never would have been an Olympic swimmer. But what do you think?


Magpie said...

That was an interesting piece.

This one, though, was horrifying:

Scott said...

Great article. I have a post still in draft form which obliquely answers your question. Briefly speaking women follow the same basic model exhibited by the men but there is much more latitude towards a 'stockier', more mesomorphic body type. It's my theory there's a limit to which strength assists in swimming (for example apes, our much much more powerful cousins on the evolutionary tree, can't swim) and while human males can reach and exceed that threshold females don't (i.e. stronger is always better for women). It's why doping is so much more effective for women and why men have a much more pronounced body type for elite swimming.