Wednesday, February 06, 2008

One sock down.

I finished my first sock on Sunday:

Seriously, despite everything you may have heard, kitchener stitch--the way you graft the toe together seamlessly--is not that hard, and it is amazingly cool.

And I feel amazingly cool for having finished one sock.

Sadly, my other foot feels amazingly chilly with no sock to wear.

So I started on the second one before we headed off for our Superbowl party. I knit about 4 inches of it during the game (and got many looks from people wondering why in the world a person would knit socks), but then the work week came, and now I am stalled again. But it will come.

In the words of many a sock-knitter, faced with an impending Dook game, GO HEELS.


martykc said...


NICE. Although it seems like you are stuck on purple. :-)

Hey that sock isn't loooong enough for the 18 inches of snow we got today.

You'd have two cold feet. :-)


Isis said...

Good point about the purple....

And yow, 18 inches of snow? It was 70 degrees here that day!