Monday, September 15, 2008

Tea tea tea, all I want is tea.

Being in England and Ireland this summer, I got in the habit of drinking tea rather than coffee, because while the cheap coffee there is dreck, cheap tea is just fine.

Before long, I realized that in drinking tea, I did not get jittery and anxious the way I do when I have coffee. And tea did not bother my stomach at all. And I could even drink it late in the afternoon without it hindering my sleep.

I still like coffee, but mostly, even now that I am back, I keep drinking tea, because it seems to make me feel, well, better.

Today I read this. Granted, the research is funded by the Tea Council (do you think they are hiring?), but still.


Joel said...

Tea beats Coffee hands down! Coffee kills my stomach so I drink tea. Always have. The odd thing for me is that I love Coffee flavored products just not coffee itself.

Isis said...

That makes sense to me, as it sounds like the big problem with coffee is the stomach thing, more than the flavor.

Speaking of which, time to boil some more water. . . .

Dan said...

I used to be a coffee freak too! Actually I still enjoy a cup (usually when camping!) but for my morning buzz its gotta be tea!

Ever try tea blossoms? They taste AMAZING! :)