Thursday, August 11, 2005

Adventures in playlists, pt. 1.

I absolutely love the playlist feature in my now digital music collection. I have been playing with relationships between songs. So far I have not made it any further than being amused by what I can find in alphabetical order.

So the first results of my playing, "Attenzione: A Few Do's and Don'ts," is up at Art of the Mix.

I will note right now that the mix I posted there is an attempt at hitting the true CD length. I have a supersonic bonus mix that would go way further, and that still cannot encompass all the Don'ts, which far outnumber the Do's. Hmmmm.


freeman said...

Thanks for pointing that site out! I'll have to fool around with it when I have time.

I recently purchased an iPod, so I've been spending plenty of time uploading stuff to it, and it's still not full yet!

Anonymous said...

That is a great idea for a mix!

It reminded me of Dad and Karen's name tapes, but those would be a little more complicated.

Isis said...

freeman, be careful: that site will take ALL your free time. It is fab. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts about listening to music in the digital medium.

And rebecca, you know, I made a contribution to that series. Next time you're at the house, ask about it. Not that it is as good as the original--but what ever is?

And the problem with playlists is that they do not lend themselves to parts of songs the way a mix tape can. The PP tells me there is software that is good for this though, so stay tuned!