Monday, November 21, 2005

Danger: Neil Diamond ahead.

According to John Gormley, it is the new Neil Diamond CD that has created the most problems for people loading Sony CDs onto their computers. Not Celine Dion, but still.

Congratulations to Tim for an outstanding performance on 650 CKOM AM representing The Sony Boycott today: articulate, clear, thoughtful consciousness raising. Go Tim.

And what I love best about listening to Saskatchewan radio is that the weather guy says the temp is -1, that tomorrow night the temps are "only going down to zero," and there are ads for Sorrell boots, suggesting you get some decent footwear before the cold weather hits.

I miss the north.


Saskboy said...

I came to your site through I too just listened to the radio broadcast by Tim, on CJME/CKOM AM in SK.

Remember, the temperature is in Celcius, not that whacky American scale ;-)

Stay cool,

Isis said...

Is there anyone in the entire world who uses Fahrenheit besides the USA? Shouldn't that be telling us something? Oh wait, we don't listen.

Welcome to the site. I had not forgotten about the Celcius scale, but in these here parts 32 is FREEZING!!!

Rebecca said...

If you miss the North, you can come visit us. We're still griping about the highs being only in the 40s and 50s (Fahrenheit), but it's colder than where you are.

Saskboy said...

Hi Fury,
In case you were wondering, there isn't a place to comment on my main blog, I haven't implemented anything but simple HTML on the site yet.

I'll take a look around for your foil hat study.