Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Good afternoon, and here is my free advice for you: Just because you are feeling a little down on yourself because your training has been down all month and you know that in just 5 short months your big meet is coming up, does NOT mean that you should join the children you train with in a quick two laps of lunges around the pool. Or at least not if you want to have anything to stand up with later in the evening or walk with the next day. I am serious: I am stuck to my desk chair and wishing I had already invested in the catheterization.

This does not mean that the lunges had much effect on the children, of course, who (with the exception of the kid trying to come back from mono) looked all too merry as we crossed paths at the midpoint. And then they merrily did their crunches, supermans (I still don't understand why those lower-back horrors are not called supermen, but whatever), push-ups, squats, and so forth. Ho ho ho. They were not even sweating, and believe me when I say I cannot claim the same.

So resolutions be damned, don't go all haywire with your 2006 enthusiasm. Keep it moderate, friends. We are not as agile as we once were, nor do we recover as quickly.

All to say, Happy New Year to you, from me and my sore ass.

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Anonymous said...

Oh what havoc we raise on our poor bods in the name of being able to eat what we want. So sorry for you.