Tuesday, January 10, 2006

If you're feeling silly ...

... and have a spare 30 seconds or so, try the fun "Here's Your Sign" game.




estaminet said...

I knew I should have rigged it so I got the pirate picture. I wanted the pirate picture. But no, I was being honest, so I go the freaking "Jesus is my homeboy" picture. Not everything in my life is about religion, dammit! But apparently it is, when you're in seminary.
Next time, I'm saying I like to drink, smoke and wear bling. I bet that's what real pirates do.

Isis said...

Apparently pirates read books in their spare time--who would have guessed.

Someone I met in Rome had a very cool t-shirt that read "Mary is my homegirl." I suppose that is a more Catholic than Presbyterian sentiment, but still.