Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm your man.

Back before I lost all my playlist data, I had made a new mix, which entertained me while I decorated our Christmas tree, and which fortunately I saved on my mp3 player, so it survived the great erasure. It started out as a CD, but it quickly got too big, and it almost seemed there was nothing I could cut--not if I wanted it to have the expansiveness that I did want it to have.

So here it is. Please note that it extends beyond the 30 tracks allowed in a playlist by Art of the Mix.

It started with "I'm Your Man," by Leonard Cohen, which I've been listening to again after finishing season 1 of The L-Word, in whose last episode the song features prominently. Then I started wondering about men. And the mix is how music answered my questions.


Holly said...

Dude, have you moved on thru seasons two and three? A well rounded open minded woman in all ways...I'm impressed. ;) You forgot "Stand by Your Man"...Patsy Cline I think?

Isis said...

I haven't: I need to get a new DVD player, because ours did not survive the move. Then find a new video store. But that song--you're right--it should be there. Tammy Wynette, I think.