Saturday, January 06, 2007

The machine is breaking down.

Yow. Four swims, for a total of 16,200 yards, plus one hour of Pilates is all I need for this week, thank you very much. That is my second highest weekly yardage total for this season, though last year I swam over 20K yards several different weeks--how did I do that?

Yesterday was the first ever Pilates workout--fun, and with some good exercises, I think, although I may never learn how to breathe correctly. Last night the PP and I had dinner with some friends, and when I said I had tried Pilates, one of my friends said, "Pilates--what are they?" They are tiring in surprising places, is what I should have said, but was not yet stiff enough to know.

Now I am.

Swimming helped temporarily loosen some of the shoulder stiffness, but Oh. Man. Was I fatigued today or what.

Hint: The answer is not "what."

It was one of those practices where I started out tired and got tireder. By my coach's definition, it may be a sign of too big a week. But then, that is how you have big weeks, I guess.

Now? Carpe napum.

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