Thursday, January 10, 2008

Last night's practice.

My regular reader knows that I rarely post the details of my swim practices, but last night was a somewhat momentous occasion: the first time I've been in the pool since October 13!

The practice itself was not much to write home about:
400 free kick on sides with long fins
300 fly kick on front with short fins
200 free kick on front with little cup fins
100 BR kick on front with no fins
300 alternating 50 BR kick on back / 50 right-arm free
(1300 total meters)

But here I am, writing home about it anyway, if only because it happened. And it wiped me out! And that in itself felt good. As did the feeling of being in the water, remembering what it is like to dolphin off a wall (even if I can only streamline with one arm), and pull with one arm, and kick kick kick. What did not feel good was (1) wearing a swimsuit after too much sedentariness (or, in my case, sedimentariness), and (2) how quickly I got winded. But that is fine. I have to start somewhere, and this time, here is where I am starting.


Scott said...

Great news Isis! I must say that if I had to do a 1,150 kick drill I'd be pretty wiped out too! Have you been told when you can start swimming for real should the surgery prove successful?

Isis said...

I see the doc again on March 12, and we'll see what he says at that point. If things look good, then I can start back to swimming then.