Wednesday, January 09, 2008

There is no drinking in the Blue Zone.

You may have heard that the southeast has been short on rainfall. Today I received in the mail an announcement of Greenville's voluntary water restrictions, called "Blue Alert." The restrictions are what you would expect--reducing water use, curtailing aesthetic water use [not a term I was familiar with...], restricting of irrigation. And then there are further tips: water lawn before 8 a.m., turn off water while you shampoo, don't flush trash, turn off water while brushing teeth, fix leaking faucets.

It is a shame that they do not point out that watering your lawn is not really the best use of water, and especially not during the winter, when it can cause black ice on adjacent roadways.

And while I am all about reducing my own personal water use (though I have always tried to be careful), I wonder how I am supposed to tell whether I am using more or less of my allotted 65 gallons per day?

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