Friday, June 27, 2008

Daily leavening.

I don't know how many of you out there are Stephen Colbert fans. I am. The trick is, of course, that I never stay up that late, so the PP and I catch the show a day late.

Last night (which really means Wednesday night), the show featured more entrants in the "Make John McCain Exciting" contest, where you give his "green screen" speech a make-over. There have been films of him speaking in front of a wild west sceen, or a rock concert, and last night someone had even imposed him onto Elvis's body and into a Star Trek scene.

This one blows them all away, and I suspect that whatever your politics, this is funny:


tjarrett said...

The world is a poorer place now that we no longer can vogue at the drop of a hat. God bless John McCain for bringing back tutting and locking.


mateen said...

Am I the only person who thinks that John McCain is Paul Simon's slightly older twin?

And can't he handle that geeee-tar!

Magpie said...

well done - thanks for posting it - funny.

Scott said...

It was brilliant wasn't it?