Thursday, April 30, 2009

No meet for you.

So I was stoked about the Tiger Master meet this weekend, and I had even submitted my entry, but then this happened:

Kind of puts a crimp in your plans, non?

I should report, though, that apart from the usual soreness and abrasions from the airbag, I was not injured. Neither was the other driver. And it was not my fault. The car is totaled, but we got a higher appraisal than I feared. Thank you, car, for taking the literal brunt of this.

In short, I cannot complain.

But back to swimming. I tried to go to practice on Tuesday, but the combined stress of driving there (holy freakout, Batman!) and then being around a crowd, and then not being sure whether I could swim. . . . . Let's just say I got back in the car and drove home.

I did go to practice this morning (thank you, Patient Partner, for driving), and I managed to swim about 500 yards before the pain and soreness was more than I felt like trying to swim through. I had wonkiness in my lower back (an exacerbation, perhaps, of the soreness I had been feeling before the accident, which is related to my hamstring problem, I think) and in my left shoulder (which SCARED me, but which I am hoping is simply soreness and stiffness from the impact and the way I constricted my left pecs in a reflex protective move for a shoulder I would really like NOT to be hurt again).

And honestly, should I really be diving into a pool right now?

So I am withdrawing from the meet. It is a drag--I was looking forward to this. But given the alternatives, I am not complaining.


estaminet said...

I'm really sorry, honey. But congrats on knowing when and how to take care of yourself. I send you (very careful) hugs.

Nat said...

Glad you're OK (but not that you're hurting). And I totally get the driving-after-an-accident thing (took me a while to feel safe driving after mine). Hope you can plan for another meet very soon!

Kim said...

You are quite brave to withdraw from the event. Love you.