Monday, April 20, 2009

Tiger Master 2009.

It is official: I am entering my first swim meet since January 2007. The entry is in the mail. I cannot bring it back.

Granted: I do not expect any "best times."

Granted: I am not even swimming many of what used to be my "best events."

Granted: I will be satisfied with simply finishing the races for which I have signed up and completing the required warm-ups and cool-downs.

Granted: I am trying to do this just for fun, but I am also nervous as hell.

Still: ain't it great?


estaminet said...

It is great, and even better that it's the "Tiger Master." Very zen and sugar cereal at the same time. :)

Kim said...

a swim meet!! we want to come and sit in the bleachers again!

Isis said...

estaminet, I kept thinking about the zen + sugar cereal combo at swim practice today--the perfect motivator.

Kim, sure! I don't know that you want to come to this one--so soon?--but certainly (or at least I hope) there will be more.