Wednesday, September 22, 2004

But here's the scary part

Read's John Kerry story from 9/21 first.

Now here is our concern. A friend pointed out yesterday that he had read an article (if you know, please tell us the source) about W's presence in debates in years past, back when he was running for governor of Texas. Apparently he WAY outargued Ann Richards, who is herself quite articulate and forceful. Apparently he was smart, quick, even used polysyllabic words--none of that blundering he does on tape these days.

Our friend's assessment? That this new act is not bad speechwriting, or even some sad attempt to seem like an Ordinary Shmoe (that had been our take), but lowering expectations, convincing the American People to take what they can get.

Our friend may even be more cyncial than we are.

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Isis said...

Here is the source for the story, folks: it is a James Fallows article from The Atlantic, called "When George Meets John":