Wednesday, September 22, 2004

He's on a roll again wrote yesterday about getting people registered to vote, and how that can turn the disenfranchised into, well, the other thing. Go Tony. He says:

if you can register two people who wouldnt vote if it werent for you then maybe one of them will vote.

thats called making a difference busbloggers. in boy scouts you would have gotten a Civil Service badge. but since this is the real world, it will get you a real president instead of this dillweed we got now.

Go Tony!

Then he tells a good Kerry story:

so heres my john kerry story for the day.

as you know im a big fan of the Regis and Kelly Lee show. well this morning old regis had a great show, sen kerry and tiger woods. not bad. two guys who oughtta be doing a lot better than theyre doing.

so kerry is being asked about this and that and regis says so what about these debates. and it might have been a set up, like kerry might have said, hey ask me about the debates when i get out there

cuz when reege goes how about these debates

kerry goes, yeah we have three lined up but the president wants to have a few lifelines for the hard questions.

nearly choked on my apple juice it was so funny.

But don't take our word for it; check Tony out for yourselves.

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