Monday, October 25, 2004

Lest we forget

One of the Bush administration's high priorities is to .put a man on Mars. That's right: Mars. A man.

Even though most of those in field of space exploration agree that robotic exploration makes much more sense.

I am as big a fan as anyone of exploration, and, like others, I want to know what's out there.

But in these times of national deficits, stretched-thin resources, widely diffused priorities--Mars?! According to the BBC back in January, "Correspondents say Mr Bush had been expected to propose a bold new space mission as part of his re-election campaign."

That's interesting: in watching the debates and reading more than my share of the news, I haven't heard him mention it.

Perhaps Karl Rove has figured out that getting a man on Mars just isn't high on the list of most Americans--who maybe can't afford decent health care, or don't have a job, or have a relative fighting in Iraq, or have their eyes fixed to the terror alert ladder. Perhaps Karl Rove is hoping that the American people will forget that Bush thought this was a good idea and was going to fight for it.

But don't forget, and don't let other people forget.

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