Friday, October 08, 2004

Surprising news from the Bush camp

This from Jim VandeHei in the Washington Post:

After a contentious debate Tuesday night between Vice President Cheney and Sen. John Edwards, Bush picked up the assault on Kerry's record with sharp and sometimes misleading criticisms designed to reverse the gains Kerry has made since winning the first debate last week in Florida.

The strongly worded speech, which indicted Kerry as a "tax-and-spend liberal," was timed to deflect criticism of Bush's Iraq policy from such key sources as former Iraq administrator L. Paul Bremer, the U.S. weapons inspector and the State Department. A Bush adviser said the president hopes to change the dynamics of the race with more biting attacks on Kerry's record and trustworthiness and on what Bush charges is Kerry's reluctance to use U.S. military force to defeat terrorism. The strategy is aimed at stoking public fears about terrorism, raising new concerns about Kerry's ability to protect Americans and reinforcing Bush's image as the steady anti-terrorism candidate, aides said. [italics mine]

Did we read that correctly? The strategy is to raise the public fear in order to get them to vote for Bush?

How interesting then, that new warnings of terrorism threats have come out. Unbelievable. Is this the much-touted straight talk to the American people? I mean, sure, lefties have been commenting about how odd it is that new terror warnings always seem to come out immediately following some event that might draw attention to the Democrats or make Bush look bad.

But come on, people, in this article we see that they are admitting to this practice explicitly. Why has there not been an enormous public outcry? Why was this revelation buried in the seventh paragraph of this article? Why was it not in my local paper? Why hadn't I heard it on the news?

Because, my little furious one, we live in the home of the brave.

My private, direct message to Kerry: Dear Mr. Kerry, please, please, please do not fuck up tonight. Please show people like Kathryn General that Bush is yanking their chains. Please.

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