Thursday, October 28, 2004

P-dog, the Bush Killa

Like father like son?

Thanks to low culture's election day mixtape question, I've been unable to focus on my work.

Instead this morning I remembered Paris's "Bush Killa," off Sleeping with the Enemy from 1992. You can listen to it here, but this mp3 does not have the spoken-word intro that's on the album version, composed of clips from the news and Bush I's speeches.

Want highlights?
"The media had become part of the Bush Administration."
"Of course national polls do show that Americans now overwhelmingly support the war in the gulf."
"Yay, America, we can do it!"
"We hear preliminarily that the first strike was a success...."
"This was tremendous: Baghdad was lit up like a Christmas tree."
"It is a kind of euphoria."
"It is a steady one-sided parade of propagandists from the conservative elite."
"A New World Order."

I remember that when the album came out, we loved to play this track at WXYC Chapel Hill, where some ingenious dj had edited out the words that would get us thrown off the air. I hope someone has sent it the way of the youngin's at the remaining indy radio stations.

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