Sunday, January 09, 2005

Am I crazy?

Is it too soon to think that this might be a big year for UNC men's hoops?

I mean, they are playing well, in big games and in teams against teams they should beat (games that historically have done in the 'Heels, who tend not to show up), and they look impressive on the court. And 109 against Maryland??? How am I supposed to not get excited? But I have been hopeful like this before, and had the hopes dashed, so I am trying to be all cas' about this. But 109 against Maryland!

Incidentally, the highlight of my Saturday was watching James Mays play sans a shoe against Wake for about 90 seconds, hit a 2-pointer in the meantime, and then jump in to pull a teammate back from getting into a brawl over an intentional foul. And he's only a freshman! Too bad the whole incident did not make SportsCenter this morning, which I thought it might since Wake is ranked #4. (They seemed to be giving a lot of time to football for some reason....) I know that Clemson was hardly impressive against Wake yesterday, but this guy has potential--if Clemson can keep him for the full four years.

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