Friday, January 07, 2005

Requesting your kind assistance

Dear Sir or Madam,

How are you doing today?

I hope fine. if so glory be to God. my names is Onome obi 25yrs and I am the daughter to the late former minister of agriculture in Nigeria. my dad died since last years in a ghastly plane crash on his way back from Kenya, and since then life has not been easy for me and my family anyway i thank God that i am alive today.

I am writing to you to ask for your help. I have been listening recently a lot to the song 24 Hour Party People by the Happy Mondays and I am liking it quite a great deal. You see, it has been many long years since I have been listening to the Happy Mondays and it is as though a tiny piece of my past has washed up on my shore.

But I am confused by the lyrics to this song, and although I have looked them up on the web, I feel no more in the realm of understanding than I was when I could not decipher some of them on listening.

So could you please tell me if you have any earthly idea what this means?
With the twenty four hour party people plastic face 'carn't' smile a white out
Cos' I have to wait for you to conduct.
Press the pause of the self destruct.
With the twenty four hour party people plastic face 'carn't' smile the white out
With the twenty four hour party people ...

Now better you're the white out ...

I am thinking that it is some of the British slang I have heard so much about, but if you, kind reader, have any idea, I would be most grateful for a comment from you.

Oh yeah, and I promise not to steal your identity.

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