Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Don't get mad--get glad!

Leave it to the big-city paper to figure things out.

According to Deanne Bradley, writer for the Virginian Pilot (Norfolk, VA), Newport Newsians should not feel dissed by 50 Cent:

Folks in Newport News got it going on, according to Grammy-nominated rapper 50 Cent. The G-Unit mogul gives the city a shout-out on his latest album, “The Massacre,” which hit stores Friday.

“Ski Mask Way” finds 50 rapping about all that “Bad Newz” has to offer: “I’m tryin’ to stay out them pens, so I switched states/ Bad News V-A now that sounds great/ I see (bleep) wit that ice on, rims shined up/ This towns one big (bleep) waitin to get (bleep).”

Lost? Sorry, folks. We can’t tell you what he really said.

But amid the foul lyrics that will never make it to local radio, here’s what he’s really saying: He’s giving “tha News” its props.

The self-proclaimed thug can’t get enough of the city’s ice (i.e. jewelry) and A.I.’s peeps (Allen Iverson’s friends).

The city, 50 says, is fast and hood. The perfect place to go if you want to leave New York to get away from the feds.

At first listen, the lyrics seem like a dis (that would be an insult). But he’s not playin’ the town at all.

As a matter of fact, he finds the town to be better than he thought.

Wonder how the Newport News Visitor Center feels about the city’s newfound fame?

Now THAT is a press release I would like to read!

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Tim said...

Any bets on how many colors poor Mrs. Seney would turn if she heard that song?

I'm so proud of my home town, I can't even begin to tell you...