Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A Full Bottle for the Shanty Man

Congratulations to mtnRoughneck, over at Whiskey Tango, who has been accepted to the Great Lakes Maritime Academy.

Here is a sea shanty in his honor, courtesy of Shanties and Sea Songs:

Whiskey Johnny (Andrew Draskoy's version)

Whiskey is the life of man
Always was since the world began

Whiskey-o, Johnny-o
John rise her up from down below
Whiskey, whiskey, whiskey-o
Up aloft this yard must go
John rise her up from down below

Whiskey here, whiskey there
Whiskey almost everywhere

Whiskey up and whiskey down
Whiskey all around the town

Whiskey killed me poor old dad
Whiskey drove me mother mad

My wife and I do not agree
She puts whiskey in her tea

I had a girl and her name was Lize
She puts whiskey in her pies

Oh whiskey straight, and whiskey strong
Give me some whiskey and I'll sing you a song

If whiskey comes too near my nose
I tip it up and down she goes

Some likes whiskey, some likes beer
I wisht I had a barrel here

Whiskey made me pawn me clothes
Whiskey gave me this broken nose

Oh the mate likes whiskey, the skipper likes rum
The sailors like both but me can't get none

Whiskey is the life of man
Whiskey from that old tin can

I thought I heard the first mate say
I treats me crew in a decent way

If whiskey was a river and I could swim
I'd say here goes and dive right in

If whiskey was a river and I was a duck
I'd dive to the bottom and never come up

I wisht I knew where whiskey grew
I'd eat the leaves and the branches too

A tot of whiskey all around
And a bottle full for the shanty man

So mtnRoughneck, what shall we call you, now that you're a seafaring man??


mtnRoughneck said...

I've always been fond of "Able-Bodied Seaman."

mtnRoughneck said...

And also, thank you for your interest, enthusiasm, and support.