Thursday, March 03, 2005

The final frontier?

I am going to start out by acknowledging that maybe this whole thing is a joke, in which case I say, "Good one."

But, uhm, if it isn't?

San Francisco, CA (USA) : Today craigslist, global leader in local classifieds and online community, announced plans to offer its users the opportunity to have their postings transmitted trillions of miles beyond the confines of the Solar System. craigslist currently handles 5 million earthly postings each month, from 8 million humans, in 99 cities and 19 countries on the planetary surface.

"It looks like we may hit 2 billion page views per month in March here on Earth," noted craigslist customer service rep and founder, Craig Newmark. "We wanted to be the first to offer free job postings, apartment listings, personals and other classifieds to the extraterrestrial community. We believe there could be an infinite market opportunity," chuckled Craig as he turned back to his computer screen to respond to craigslist customer service emails.

So what exactly would a person advertise in space? I mean, there are old books I have been trying for years to track down, and it does seem like I have looked everywhere, but REALLY.

For instance, I do believe that this poster is going to get a lot of takers from space:
I'd enjoy company for theatre, music, bike ride or a walk on the beach this weekend.
Me? I'm a male, early 50's, in reasonably good shape for the activities and enjoy the arts. Professional by education, self employed by dint of non conformity, but fun by inclination.

this is in or around Marin
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Please note: this poster does not include "spacecraft" in the list:
wanted you old crappy vws any condition titles no titles I do not care money waiting for your old junkers,if you have nice ones I want them to email me and tell me what you have or even what yu know about.Finders fees are paid if I buy the vehicles,also want anything VW related cars busses vans trucks,ghias I want to know waht you have laying around.Judson superchargers,anything ,roofracks wheels whatever..thanks and look at photos of some of the stuff I have brought home allready

Do you think this self-proclaimed elderly widow is going to have better luck in space?
Elderly would like Neil Diamond records for free PLEASE!!!!! She is widowed and has NO enjoyment in life and no money to buy since nursing home from her spouse took her her house and all her savings and asked me to post this for her.

And even though Cosmodyseeus wants a ride out of Chapel Hill, I don't see that the request is COMPLETELY open-ended:
I could use a ride away from Chapel hill somewhere warm preferably south west of here, (painted desert area, or Cali)... I have a very well behaved, road trained, Austrailian sheperd, and a frame pack, articulate conversation, I offer gas money, and um.. thats it.. E mail me for more info

If anyone has an explanation of all this, I would appreciate hearing it.

(Props to timothy at slashdot.)

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