Monday, June 13, 2005

Settle down, Beavis.

A friend told me that the only really essential parts of a wedding are the happy couple and the officiant. Looks like we have those covered.

And being me, I have also scanned through my 5 lists about 6,000 times a piece. I have a AFTER FRANCE list (check), a BEFORE WE GO list (check), a TO TAKE ALONG list (all check, save toothbrush, etc.), a WEDDING WEEK LIST and a DAY OF THE WEDDING list. Those last two, of course, are NOT check, and maybe that is why I am not sleeping.

But tomorrow we get in the car and drive to the old home town. I have all the outfits picked out (and Mom, I even packed earrings!), we have CDs ready for the cartrip, we have spare towels for the three barf-ready cats traveling with us, and all the gifts for people who are doing nice things for us. Plus it looks like we don't have to drive through Arlene.

It is interesting to come across my cousin's blog and read about how she is about to set off for her vacation, which includes the wedding.

And last night my family, who were making bombolieri for the reception (little Jordan almonds wrapped in netting and tied with a ribbon). As is the tradition, they passed the phone around the table and I got to say hello to everyone. The person who is coordinating the rehearsal dinner, and also the bombolieri-making, was a little concerned, because about two-thirds of the way through the process they had to switch from 4 to 3 almonds per packet, and she was hoping that no fights would erupt at the reception because of this inequity.

I passed along a word of advice that a friend gave me yesterday: "if anyone gives you any shit in this next week tell them your presbyterian seminary friend said they can sit on it."

With that in mind, it is going to be a good week. If only I could use those words every week.

Talk to you again in a week or so.


Tim said...

The funny thing about that seminarian friend? She's so right. Have fun, especially when it's over.

Rebecca said...

I think it went very well, and I hope no one stressed you out before or after! Hope your drive back and everything else went well!

(And I didn't notice the disparities in the number of Jordan almonds, but I think I got four, so I made out well.)