Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday Random 10: "Whistle While You Work" Edition

I was going to call this the "Early Morning Edition," but then I realized that some people could rightly point out that if that's what I think of 8:35 a.m., I don't know from early morning.

All I meant was that this is earlier in the day that I would normally endulge in the random music fest that I look forward to every week. You see, usually I'll wait until I hit a lull in my work, then come on air, announce the aforementioned lull, hit the RANDOM button my player, and list away. But not today. Today I am doing it as I sit down seriously to work. I justify this by pointing out that the PP and I are heading to Atlanta this weekend for a swimmeet, so this afternoon will be spent in more entertaining ways than punching buttons. And by adding that fixing errors in an editted text is even MORE captivating than textual editing itself.

Furious multi-tasking!

So there. It is not your job to ask any more questions, but just to accept it.

1. "Cry Me a River," Griff, Bang All Night (ooooh the back-up singers!)
2. "Hip Hop Lover," En Vogue, Funky Divas
3. "I'm Gonna Live Anyhow 'Til I Die," Miles & Bob Pratcher, Southern Journey, Vol. 3: 61 Highway Mississippi
4. "Piece for Solo Flute," Dead Can Dance, Toward the Within
5. "City of New Orleans," Willie Nelson, 16 Biggest Hits
6. "Primary," The Cure, Staring at the Sea
7. "Serenade No. 11 in E-Flat," K. 375: Adagio (Mozart), Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Wind Serenades K. 375 & 388
8. "Postlude for Piano," Gideon Lewensohn, Odradek
9. "Truth Hits Everybody," The Police, Message in a Box
10. "Without Love (There Is Nothing), Ray Charles, His Greatest Hits, Vol. 2

What the list never quite conveys is what it is like to listen to this, to live it for an hour or so. I'm feeling all cool because I love Griff's rendition of "Cry Me a Lover," when my ego is slapped in the face by "Hip Hop Lover." Then an abrupt change back to roots music with track #3. I remember that for several years I could not make a tape without Dead Can Dance (can you hear me?) but that I never picked up this flute piece. Then I get a little woozy thinking about greatest hits records through tracks 5 & 6, then as I listen to track 7, I wonder how it is that the Random 10 usually picks the slow movements. Seriously. I remember that I should listen to Gideon Lewensohn more, because that postlude knocks my socks off, in its quiet insistence. Then blammo, the truth does hit me too. For a while I consider ending it there, because it is such a fine ending, but how can you resist a quiet reminder from Ray, even if we are back to the Greatest Hits dilemma?

Have a great weekend, everybody, without too much hitting by the truth.

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Tim said...

Heh. I forgot that you were responsible for getting me hooked on them. I think I'm experiencing a similar problem, as it has been a long time since I've made a non-themed mix without a Big Star track on it.