Wednesday, March 29, 2006


On Monday I was on a roll: I worked like mad all day, the first day like that in quite a while. And this while facing the supreme challenge of 2 cats trading shifts of walking across my desk and standing on my work. I am mighty! I felt terrific, and I told the PP when he came home from work that I have so much energy when I have not swum 5000 yards/day for two days running!

Then a very good swim practice on Tuesday morning, including some quality repeats on 50s of breaststroke. We did a set alternating a 200 Y free at a moderate pace with a 50 choice FAP (that's "Fast as Possible"). We did it 4 times, and I managed to hold 40 seconds for each of the 50s. Looking back at my entirely too anal training log, I see that we once did a similar set, although 6 times through, and that I did not manage anything like that consistency. So i was pleased with that, and got what is likely some important feedback from my coach toward the end about the pacing of my stroke for a 50. I tend to wait too long after my kick to start my pull, I guess from trying to pace 200s, but (not surprisingly) that is not how to swim a 50. So that was helpful.

But then a busy day at work, and the net result was REALLY TIRED this morning, even though I slept like a rock last night (not usually the case).

So how relieved was I when we had a great recovery practice today? It was like my unconscious mind had sent a highly urgent telepathic message to the coach.

But the rough part, of course, is that after even a shortish yardage and pretty low intensity practice, I am wiped out. I guess I haven't fully recuped from the meet.

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