Thursday, June 15, 2006

A condo made of stone-uh?

So you are probably wondering why things around here have been so quiet. Does she have nothing to do now, after Nationals? you might be wondering. Or is she so distraught about the ass-whooping that Ukraine took from Spain yesterday that she can no longer write? Or is it that she has discovered that with her music software she can create private radio broadcasts?

Well, sort of. But not exactly.

Point is, there are some possible changes afoot here in the Old Kingdom, changes that require a lot of phone calls, consultations with experts, visits to new places, serious evaluation of bank accounts, extensive web searching, a few calls to the parents, lengthy dinner-hour deliberations, and things like that.

Details to follow, but in the meantime, can you cut a goddess a little slack?

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Joe said...

Private radio broadcasts, eh? Give me the address so I can tune in.