Monday, June 26, 2006

What's a goddess to do?

Oh great: the dilemma I never thought would arise has arisen: Italy v. Ukraine in the next round.

And if you were not watching, it was an exciting day. Italy beat Australia in stoppage time of the second half, when they drew a penalty and everyone's favorite AS Roma player kicked a fabuloso p-kick. Then Ukraine beat Switzerland--who had to that point ceded no goals during the tournament--in a penalty-kick shoot-out after 30 extra minutes. (I did not get to see the end of the game: I was coaching at the time, and although I saw a guy walk through the natatorium in a Ukraine jersey with "SHEVCHENKO" in big letters on the back, I was in the middle of explaining the set to the girls and could not catch him to find out if he knew the result.)

What in the world am I supposed to do? Who do I cheer for? How do I not feel sad whatever the result, especially since this is an elimination round, so there can be no ties?

In all my roots there is this:

But there is also this:

How am I supposed to sleep at night?

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Damien said...

Go for the underdog! That's what I always say :-)