Thursday, June 29, 2006

A rather dull couple of days.

There's something missing from my life
Cuts me open like a knife
It leaves me vulnerable
I have this disease
I shake like an incurable
God help me please

One day down of no World Cup games. One to go. By late last night I had the DTs.

But the time away gives one the chance to reflect. And Damien wants to know, who will be in the World Cup final?

Damien, I am glad you asked!

Here are my predictions, based (as I am sure you would assume about anything posted on this blog) on significant expertise, thoughtful reflection, gut reactions, and super-human powers.

On Friday, Germany will beat Argentina, much to the delight of hordes of German-flag-waving fans. Much non-Budweiser beer will be swilled in celebration.

Then, later on Friday, Italy will beat Ukraine, alas for the Ukies. (And sadly for me, I will miss most of this game, since it is scheduled during the last swim practice I have to coach.) Ukraine have been impressive, but no one has scored a goal against Italy--except Italy. Sure, I know: the same was true of Switzerland before they encountered the ultra p-k powers of Ukraine, but Italy has had a lot of international success and they have Thespianic Powers on their side. Do not underestimate Thespianic Powers.

Saturday will begin with a tight match between England and Portugal, recreating some of the New World colonizing battles of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. A fan from Portugal noted in response to my question about whether any Portuguese players would be clear to play, after Ivanov's romance with red cards, that Portugal only needs 8 or 9 players to beat England.

Now them's fightin' words!

But that fan just might be right.

Then later on Saturday, Brazil will knock out France with energy to spare, I'm sad to say.

But the good news is that these results will make for an all-Portuguese-speaking semin-final on that side of the bracket, and how cool is that? But I fear that the new world team will prevail.

Meanwhile, Germany and Italy will trade all manner of nationalist slurs, and throughout the stadium in Dortmund fans will remark about trains running on time, good shoes v. machines that work, great wine and great beer, pasta and wurtzel. I would like to say that Italy would emerge victorious, scoring a victory for long lunches everywhere, but I fear the reverse will be true.

That will leave a Germany v. Brazil final. Brazil has been playing below its potential. Germany has been playing amazingly. Will Brazil's ultimate power come together in the final, proving why they are all over the nike commercials? Or will Germany's string of crowd-powered victories continue?

I do not have any idea. Technically, I have answered Damien's question, saying who will be in the final. But I'll take it a step further, and say that this is Germany's cup to lose, and I do not believe they will lose it.

So there you have it, World Cup fans. Go bravely forward and cheer for whomever you like.


Spence said...

HA!! Another soccer fanatic!! I can't get too excited about the guys though...I think the women are SO much more fun to watch. Another few years to wait though...

THANKS for such kind and thoughtful comments on my blog... it's so helpful to hear so much positive feedback from like-minded folks. I've resolved to leave the race photos for another time and just keep my own feelings of power as memories... maybe some day there will be room for the pics but not it's got to be about how I feel, not how I look - to myself or anyone else.

Thanks for stopping by...and don't forget the COWBELL!!!

Isis said...

Spence, you are so right. MIGHTY fine photo of Mia on your blog, by the way.

How could I ever forget the cowbell???

MK said...