Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday Unrandom 10: We have to put a barrier between us ... and the snakes!

After all the anticipation of mother%*#*^%&@ snakes that has been Jarrett House North this week, I decided to skip the random feature this week, and go straight for the snakes!

"Hello, Isis? This is Samuel L. Can you hook me up with some mother%*#*^%&@ songs about mother%*#*^%&@ snakes?"

Sure, Sameul L.! I am always happy to help!:
1. "Here Comes the Snake," Cherry Poppin' Daddies (Zoot Suit Riot)
2. "Aeroplane," Bjork (Debut)
3. "Snakes in my Bushes," North Mississippi All-Stars (51 Phantom)
4. "Union of the Snake" Duran Duran (Decade)
5. "Outbound Plane," Nanci Griffith (Best of)
6. "King of Snake (Fatboy Slim Remix)," Underworld (Remixes)
7. "The Snake," Al Wilson (This is Soul)
8. "Johnson's Aeroplane," INXS (The Swing)
9. "Tube Snake Boogie," Z Z Topp (Greatest Hits)
10. "Away from the Snakes," Tim Fite (Anti Records Sampler)

And thank you, Virginian Pilot for reminding us, "'Snakes on a Plane' Isn't Shakespeare."

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