Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Moving report.

As Tim would say, OMGWTFBBQ we have so much stuff!

Short version: the move took 14 hour, on a day with a heat index of 105 F, but everything is in the new house.

Medium version: the cats had about six cows each during the course of the day, first concerning the removal of all their things from the old house, then concerning the car ride to the new place, then concerning their being imprisoned in a room together while we unloaded the trucks, and then concerning the general chaos of the new house.

Medium-long version: yes, I did say trucks. The PP came up with the ultimately efficient plan of one truck that could be unloaded through the front door of the new house, adn one through the back. This plan went awry when one truck had a very short and so steep ramp, and so the piano and other things had to be loaded onto the wrong truck. Plus we ran out of furniture pads. Plus we ran out of space in the trucks. Conclusion? No one has as many bookcases as we do--or at least no one who tries to move them without taking them apart.

Even longer version: this morning the PP found a CD to entertain us with while we ate our breakfast before returning the second truck. He found one I made for him for our anniversary, that compiled the important tunes from our wedding together with some other mushy stuff. The nice thing about this was that it reminded me how happy I was to be moving into this house with him, even amidst all the chaso. The other nice thing was that it was very relaxing music, and relaxed is one thing that neither of us was. The not so nice thing was that many of the lyrics did not apply. When Diana Krall said, "you make me feel so glamorous," all I could see was boxes and peeled wallpaper from teh kitchen project in process. Ah well. I went to pour more coffee to find the carafe empty, and when I opened it to rinse it out, I discovered the wads of papertowel I had put in there yesterday before packing it, since it was damp. Now they were saturated. I apologized to the PP, and as he fished them out with a dessert fork and then we wrung them out in the sink, Nick Lowe decided to start singing, "You ... in ... spire me...." Yeah, right.

But we are getting settled and the cats are settling. These are both good things. Soemtime soon I may dig out my study and get my computer attached. Until then, this is Blue Hawaii, signing off.


Joe said...

Please don't tell me you moved the piano by yourselves!

Rebecca said...

I was going to point out that our heat index was even higher (115), but then I still realized you have a better misery poker hand, because I spent the entire day hiding inside the air conditioning.

Good luck with the unpacking.