Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Random 10: "Ow, my Everything!" Edition

No swim meet for us this weekend: both the PP and I, perhaps exhausted by our adventure at Garden Ridge, seem to have come down with colds. And while the prospect of spending several hours in a drafty nautitorium wearing wet clothes does sound like exactly what we want when we are sick--oh yeah, and Friday afternoon rush-hour Atlanta traffic--we decided it might make more sense to be home, rest, and get better, so we can survive the final end-of-semester and holiday push.

All to say, I feel like a wimp.

So, to forestall further self pity, I'll do this:

1. "Roumania," J.U.F. (Gogol Bordello v. Tamir Muskat)
2. "Assassin," Quantic Soul Orchestra (Stampede)
3. "Time of Our Lives (f. Vega 4)," Paul Van Dyk (Reflections)
4. "Olerê Camará," Alcione (Brazil Classics 2: O Samba)
5. "Juke Box Saturday Night," Glenn Miller (The Unforgettable Glenn Miller)
6. "Please Please Me," The Beatles (Please Please Me)
7. "Como Fue," Ibrahim Ferrer (The Buena Vista Social Club Presents...)
8. "Flowin' Prose," The Beastie Boys (Hello Nasty)
9. "All This Useless Beauty," Elvis Costello (Extreme Honey)
10. "Don't Care," Klark Kent (These People Are Nuts!)

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Anonymous said...

I think you two were smart--not whimpish at all.