Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's all just a matter of time-uh.

I may not yet be able to drive my manual-transmission car, but that does not mean I am not making progress.

For instance, as of today, I can use my left hand to pull up my pants! And I can touch my face with my left hand! Perhaps even wash said face!

The secret to my success? I am glad you asked: it is a combination of pill consumption that even an old person would envy and many hot baths, where I practice moving my left arm around in a low gravity warm water context. Oh yeah, and the passing of time.

Today I am more sore than yesterday, but it is no longer the joint hurting anymore but instead the muscles. Muscles that have been clenched into leetle tight wads and have recently been getting bits and pieces of workouts as I try to lift my arm (much exhaling of breath).

And, thanks be, I CAN KNIT AGAIN.

I am working on the world's simplest, chunkiest, start-wearing-purplest sweater. I have now finished the front and the back, and I have knitted the shoulders together using that cool move where you knit them together and bind the stitches off all in one slick move. (Good thing that move is slick, because there is nothing slick about the series of moves it presently requires to pour myself a cup of coffee.) Now I have started on Sleeve #1, making notes about mistakes as I go, so I can replicated them on Sleeve #2. Exciting news on the sleeve front is that I have learned the "make 1" increase. Watch me go!

Stay tuned as tomorrow I try to leave the house!


Scott said...

Isis, what have they done to you? Was it the test itself which has laid you low?

MartyTheFool said...

Good Question Scott.......

I was wondering that myself. It seemed like you were in a state of at least not making it any worse...

Waahappen? Was this from being poked and prodded and generally needled?

I'm glad your feeling encouraged at the small successes.....