Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ow ow ow.

One thing is certain: I would not be able to stand up to tortune.

I did successfully get my arthrogram + MRI done today, and, 4 hours later, I am home to tell the tale. The MRI was no big deal: as I explained to the tech who was giving me the earplugs, the PP's snoring pretty much sounds like that, so I sleep in earplugs all the time. And they do wrap you up pretty well before they send you into the magnetic tube, so it is pretty easy to hold still. And they give you a nice blanket, since the room is about 45 F. So all in all, not bad.

But the same cannot be said of the arthrogram. If you have never had such a test, it goes like this: they take an X-ray, then they use some kind of fancy camera to look at your shoulder (or whatever) while they try to figure out where to stick a needle, then they mark you with a sharpie, then they inject you with numbing solution, then they stick in the needle, inject dye (to magnify the contrast of various kinds of tissue) into the joint, take another picture, and presto you are done.

Well, presto, that is, if they can quickliy find the right spot to shoot in the dye. The doctor did mention that sometimes that is not so easy, but I figured I would not be such a case. I am sorry to have to tell that I was indeed such a case. I was not allowed to wear a watch during the procedure, and if I were I am sure I would not have been allowed to consult it, but I can tell you that however long it took, of moving the spinal needle around while it was stuck in my shoulder, and trying to get it readjusted, and all amidst tissue that has not been feeling the best lately, seemed like an eternity. Even with the numbing, you still of course feel quite a bit, and it is that horrible metal on tissue feeling, combined with the fun probing feeling. Combined with eternity.

But now the procedures are done and I am off to my massage appointment, which I have been anticipating all day, although she'll have to avoid all the little bandages and injection points. And tonight may be one of those nights that requires its share of scotch.

Results tomorrow, gods and goddesses willing.


Joe said...

That doesn't sound like fun at all but thank you for sharing. The next time I want to blow off my rotator cuff exercises, I'll remember this post.

I give you permission to have DOUBLE your normal ration of scotch.

Spence said...

OW OW OW is RIGHT. Sheesh. OUCH. I'm so glad for you that that part is over. And I sincerely hope that any future procedures are nowhere near as bad!!! Gah! I'm with Joe, no chance I'll be sandbagging thru the shoulder strengtheners...

Hang tough and keep the healing mojo moving forward!!!

MartyTheFool said...


I love your description:
.....combined with the fun probing feeling. Combined with eternity....

Nothing slows down time like pain.

if only pleasure could slow it down, and pain could speed it up.

Let us know the results.

beverly said...

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Anonymous said...

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