Monday, November 12, 2007

About one week left.

I had my pre-op appointments last week, and they made me nervous, as hearing about familiar-sounding worst case scenarios always does. And questions about living wills. And persistent and judgmental questions about religious affiliation.

(Have you noticed how ubiquitous TVs are in waiting rooms these days? My orthopedist’s office has recently moved to a fancy new facility, and their long waiting room has two sections: on the day I was there, one section had 3 big-screen TVs playing ESPN and the other had 3 big-screen TVs playing morning talk shows. The only area you could sit not in front of a giant TV was a small, had bench between the two sections, but since the sound was on in each zone, you then heard the sound of both. When I was moved into an examination room, I found another TV, though I did ask the nurse to turn that one off.)

But I also feel fairly prepared. I’ve stocked up on clothes that fasten in the front, on magazines for reading when I cannot focus on anything longer, on a couple of light books for when I feel ready. I have found folks to cover a few classes for me. I have some good stuff on the way from Netflix. My final exams are as far finished as they can be at this point. Some friends are supplying us with meals. I have written and submitted millions of letters of recommendation. We have juice, soup, and herbal tea in the house.

Meanwhile, I am reminding myself of several things:

1. I cannot prepare for every eventuality, even when I have sufficient notice.
2. I will let some things slide. People can deal.
3. It is OK to eat too many potato chips from time to time.
4. I have an entire week of work and life between now and the arthroscope.
5. The things that will be painful and inconvenient after the surgery will also get better over time.
6. Number 3 applies to chocolate, too. And sometimes whiskey.
7. There is more swimming on the other side of all this.

If all goes extremely well, I will get to have Thanksgiving dinner with friends. And they have kindly offered to supply us with a Thanksgiving dinner on any other night of our choosing, if we cannot do it Thursday.

Meanwhile, looking at yarn makes me happy.


estaminet said... yarn porn. I wouldn't have thought it existed before this.

Good, peaceful thoughts to you, friend.

mateen said...

First off, I hereby declare war on tv's in professional offices. At my dentist's office, the assistants know they should turn off the set before I even appear.

Second, here's to estaminet. She beat to the yarn porn comment. Estaminet, do you read cooking magazines. That's food porn.

Rebecca said...

I dislike TV's in waiting rooms, too, especially when I would rather not have Jonah entranced by them.

If you are bored during your recovery, call us (I think you have my number). If Jonah is awake, I'll even put you on speaker phone so he can hear you, too.

Joe said...

> 3. It is OK to eat too
> many potato chips from
> time to time.

Indeed it is! :-) Why do they taste so good?