Thursday, September 30, 2004

Nuculer moolahs

Here is the letter I sent to the editor of the Greenville News:

Dear Editor,

Tonight's debate confirmed that President Bush is still trying to confuse the American people with misleading statements. He talked of the importance of disarming Saddam Hussein, even though no WMDs were found. He said that he made terrorism prevention a priority for the FBI, even though over 100,000 hours of unlistened-to tapes have been collected but not analyzed. He said he pursued Al Qaeda where they have tried to hide, even though his tactics let bin Laden escape, and Bush's charge into Iraq has encouraged foreign fighters to recruit there . Of course Iraq is central to the war on terror, he said: that is why Zarqawi is there. A closer look would show that Zarqawi was *not* there until Bush charged in unilaterally, protecting, as John Kerry pointed out, only the Oil Ministry.

The American people deserve to understand the issues surrounding homeland security, terrorism, and the war in Iraq, but Bush consistently misleads them. It was a breath of fresh air to watch Kerry pinpoint specifics and call Bush out on his various misleads. Meanwhile, Bush could only repeat his same tired assertions of mixed messages (mentioned by my count 14 times) and staying the course. I hope that people were listening : how often do we get to hear 1.5 hours of the candidates themselves, rather than the soundbits usually presented in the media?

Tomorrow I will post my longer version, but for tonight I am too exhausted.

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bkmarcus said...

I don't watch these things, so I have no opinion.

(I have prejudices and guesses, but they don't count.)

Here one of my prejudicial guesses would seem to find confirmation: at least a lack of contradiction.)