Monday, May 08, 2006

Heat sheets.

I have emerged VICTORIOUS from Battle Grading!

Now it is on to meet preparation. My heart went pitter-pat on Friday when I discovered that the heat sheets are up. O my Gods and Goddesses, I am actually swimming in this meet! Then I had another freak-out when I saw the estimated meet timeline. I am really becoming able to envision these two days.

Here is something you should know about my entry times: they are OK, but not all that.

For instance, the 50 freestyle:
O Mighty Isis, age 34: entry time of :30.59
Ambrose Gaines, age 47: entry time of :21.90
If you do not recognize this man, it may be because you know him as "Rowdy." By the way, his is not the fastest time in his age group: that honor goes to Paul L. Smith. I would love to be Paul L. Smith if he beats Rowdy Gaines--how cool would that feel?

And just for kicks, let's look at the 50 butterfly:
O Mighty Isis, age 34: entry time of :32.48
Gary W. Hall, Jr., age 31: entry time of :22.98
That's right--just because it's a 50 does not mean he won't beat me by ABOUT TEN SECONDS!

But that's OK. I don't mind losing to former Olympians.


Joe said...

Yikes! Those are some fast times! I assume those are 50 YARD times, right?

Joe said...

At least you got good lane assignments! I was stuck out in lane 1 for my 200 freestyle race last month.

Isis said...

Yes--yard times indeed. And I think I am in an outside lane for the 100 BR--but so it goes.

Joe said...

During the 100 BR race, the competitors in lane 4 and 5 will notice you ripping it up on the third length and they will panic! They will ask "Who is that woman who dares to beat us from an outside lane?" At the end of the race, right when they touch the wall, they will look over at you, with you already taking your goggles off, and they will say "It was none other than the Mighty Isis! We never had a chance!".