Monday, May 08, 2006

Stretch out and wait.

Grade exams and enter final grades . . . CHECK!
Buy sunscreen and new deodorant . . . CHECK!
Get garden ready to not die while I am away . . . CHECK!
Provide for the kitties . . . CHECK!
Confirm flight, car reservation, hotel reservation . . . CHECK!
Send travel info to the parents . . . CHECK!
Call credit card company so they don’t freak out and stop my card . . . CHECK!
Make back up copies of my research materials and tell my co-editor where they are . . . CHECK!

Flight goes at 9:30 a.m. (EDT) on Wednesday. That means the PP can take me to the airport. I do my final practice with the team (but not doing their workout) tomorrow. Then I get a massage!

Things I am taking care not to forget: my special Clemson Aquatic Team cap that says “NATIONAL TEAM” on it, goggles and spare goggles, swimsuit and spare swimsuit, ear drops, my fab new warm-up jacket, 5 Clemson Aquatic Team t-shirts for wearing at the meet, my good-luck pjs, copy of my USMS license, mp3 player with special meet and pre-meet mixes, my new cheap sunglasses, swimming notebook (with info re times at previous meets), copies of hotel and car and flight reservations, camera and spare batteries, copy of my meet registration, a book to read and a spare book, nice clothes for going out to dinner, a hat, my glasses and my prescription sunglasses (just in case), my heating pad and earplugs and neck pillow (for high-maintenance sleeping)--what have I missed?


Rebecca said...

You tell your co-authors when you are leaving town, and even give them backups? That seems very conscientious.

Isis said...

Well, we're nearly done, you see, and it would be a shame not to send the MS in to the press after all this....

Joe said...

Here are some items you might have missed:
- Your new contact lenses
- An extra pair of contact lenses
- Contact lenses cleaning solution
- Contact lenses case
- Spare swim cap
- Your lucky towel
- Camera

Joe said...

I goofed. I just noticed "camera and spare batteries".

Okay, so now the pressure is on to get some GREAT photos! I want to see pictures of all of the ex-Olympians like Rowdy Gaines!