Monday, May 15, 2006

NOW! with photos!

I finally got the pictures downloaded from my camera, and seeing them makes me nostalgic already. At the gym today, my coach-friend reminded me I am pre-qualified for next year--but I am not ready to think about that yet, and CERtainly not gearing up to work that hard.

But anyway, PICTURES!

Here is the Coral Springs Aquatic Center, during the 1000 freestyle on Thursday. Doesn't that water look refreshing?

For those of you in more northern climes, you must imagine temperatures in the mid-90s F. Now, doesn't it look refreshing?

This is the USMS banner: it was so inspiring to see it hanging there when I arrived.

To me, this photo captures a great deal of what is fun about masters meets:

It was hilarious, because the cheerleaders would back away as these guys approached for their flipturns, and then come back to the edge of the deck and cheer like mad. The guy in the towel was cheering right along with them.

Here is the finish of my 50 freestyle--which I am only including because it is proof that (although they don't give "heat winner" ribbons at adult swim meets) I did win my heat!

We did not take pictures during the breaststroke events, because that would have been distracting.

Here, though, is my first medal:

OK, kids. That's it for now. Tomorrow the PP and I are jetting to France for a much-needed and I think rather well-deserved vacation. No posting from there, but I look forward to catching up with you in June.


Joe said...

Wow. Looks like you laid on an ass-kicking in the 50 free. What a lead!

Joe said...

Welcome back! How was Paris? Did you base jump off the Eiffel Tower?