Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Now in her own magazine!

The time has come, O My Friends and Readers, for me to dig up my secret amulet, save (with a mighty hand) every man every woman every child, drink my Chemical X, be forged in the heat of battle, leap tall buildings in a single bound, go to the batmobile, because, friends, all the world is waiting for me to look the coming week and a half in the eye and KICK ITS ASS.

Can Isis survive the final week of training? Can Isis manage to grade her remaining exams before the due date? Can Isis complete the research project that will not die? Can Isis' power defeat the other women entered in the 30-34 age group in the 100 BR and 200 BR?

Stay tuned!


estaminet said...

You are awesome, not in a "hot dogs are awesome" way but in a "I cannot...breathe for the...grandeur and...might...of Isis..." way.

Joe said...

Don't forget about Wonder Woman in lane 4, Isis!

Tim said...

My question is less about the Chemical X and more about when you are going to start resurrecting Osiris.

Pem said...

We always found it interesting (typical graduate student trivia) that George Sarton (the founder of History of Science in the United States) founded two journals named Isis and Osiris, but his daughter was named May (you probably know her work). We figured his wife knew when to put her foot down.

Serious, good luck!! You're well prepared, now I hope everything will come together just right.