Wednesday, September 20, 2006

All I need is the air that I breathe

Those of you who regularly share a bed with another person probably will not be any more surprised than I was at the recent attention that the topic of bed-sharing has garnered. What did surprise me was to come across an article about just this matter after our family launched a couple-sleeping experiment last night.

Let me explain. One evening I was on the phone with a friend and apologizing for sounding like the sinus problem poster child. This is not an uncommon state for me, because chlorinated pool water hits me almost as hard as lake water. He said, "have you tried breathe right strips?" and when my answer was no, he urged me to go to a nearby drugstore THAT EVENING. He used them, at the urging of his partner, who was not caring for his snoring.

I did not hit the store that night, but when he said "snoring" my ears perked up. Both the PP and I snore (or so he claims), but I am a notoriously light sleeper, whereas nothing can wake him from his happy slumbers, so his snoring keeps me awake.

I begged him to try the breathe right strips.

You see, three-fourths of the people in our family have breathe-wrong noses, which makes for a lot of snoring at night. Sadly, the breathe right strips do not seem to come in fat kitten size, so there is no helping Jacques Monod, who tends to make appearances in bed now and then, and for whose snoring the PP has occasionally been blamed. (Tut, as you might have guessed, is not a snorer.)

So last night, the PP came home with a little box of the sticky stiff wonders. We both washed our noses and applied them.

AMAZING! I felt as though the great red sea of my sinus passages had been parted, and for once, I could breathe! And while I cannot say that the PP stopped snoring entirely, there was quite a bit less of it overall. And I did not need to put the earplugs until 5:00 or so, which means I slept through my usual (yet annoying) 3 a.m. wake-up. And we did not even use the sound machine that plays a train noise (a.k.a., Sleep train sounding louder, everyone climb aboard the sleep train!)

So lucky us. I wonder, though, how much technology is needed for couples to share a bed.

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Rebecca said...

I'm glad the Breathe-Right strips helped. If the snoring gets really annoying, you might be able to get a "sleep study", where you sleep in a lab attached to lots of monitors and they check for sleep apnea and other things. Sleep apnea can lead to very interesting snoring, and can be corrected with a machine that reminds some people of Darth Vader.