Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Whistle set cafe.

For the first time at the new swim team, we did a "whistle set" last night. I cannot tell yet whether this term refers specifically to the set we did last night, or more generally about sets where the whole team is swimming together, doing the same thing (but at different paces). Either way, it was fun. And then I collapsed.

The main set (after 30 minutes of warm-up) went like this: first a timed kick set, where (at the sound of the whistle) you alternated between easy and fast, for (I think) 5 rounds, the amount of fast kicking increasing with time and slow kicking decreasing. Then 200 easy. Then a swim set where you swim for 5:10 and see how far you go, then try to go the same distance or further in 5:05, and then the same distance or further in 5:00. Then about 200 easy. Then that swim set again, but perhaps you change up the strokes. Then cool down.

The whole thing came to 4300 meters for me--which was plenty of swimming, thank you. I see from that that this team swims more in their 1:30 practice than the coach I used to swim for had us do. (Less work on specific skills, though.) And during these swimming sets, we took our heart rate after each swim. I am a bit concerned, because after the third swim in the second round, and for a 6 second count, I counted 20 beats, making 200 bpm. Maybe this means I should coast for a while....

Having this kind of practice makes me more excited about the first meet of the season, in Columbia, SC on the 15th of October. We will only attend that one day, because we are going to a wedding the Saturday of the meet, but I think it will feel good to race again, see where things stand.

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matthew said...

this is an interesting idea, espeically with the swim for 5:10, then try to go that same distance in 5:05 and then 5:00; I'll have to try that sometime, but it does sound like it can be a killer!