Wednesday, September 13, 2006

You say it's your birthday?

Remember a while ago when I told you I was happy but could not tell you why? Well, now I can.

My cousin gave birth yesterday to a six-pound-three-ounce baby boy. During the gestation period, this baby was called "Cletus the Fetus," and I cannot even say how much I enjoyed the stories about his growth, his kicks, the indigestion he caused, the trips to the doctor he necessitated, the design of the nursery that he required--and seeing his leetle face peering through various ultrasounds.

Although I got a rather ecstatic e-mail from a proud grandmother, transmitting an even more ecstatic message from a similarly proud aunt (with pictures!), I do not know the name yet. I do not know if he has a name yet.

So for now, let me just say, Welcome, Cletus, to the great outdoors! I hope you had a good, if moderately traumatic, journey. In many ways, life gets easier from here, but I know you'll always miss that safe warm gooey place you just came from. Here, I can tell you, the day after your arrival is a cold and rainy one, but we are not sorry for the cold (finally---a break in the heat) or the rain (little thing called "drought). And that cold and rain makes your cousin removed however many times (your mom can give us the right terminology) a little depressed and cranky. But you know what? The news of your arrival cleared all that right up. I can hardly wait to meet you in person, but for now I am happy for any and all photos that come my way.

Last night, while you were emerging into the world, I skipped out on my regular weeknight life to hear a concert--Balkan Beat Box (who I had heard before) with Golem (who I had not). Golem's songs are sung in Yiddish, Russian, and/or English (and others too, probably), and they're made up of 2 singers (one of whom also plays the accordion), a violinist (with hot klezmer skills), a trombone player, a drummer, and a stand-up bassist. Cletus, they can make the ultimate haywire go nuts, let me tell you. Anyway, their new album, Fresh Off Boat, includes a song that is all about thanking your mother and father for everything they do for you. You should do that, Cletus, because, between you and me, your parents rock, and you're a lucky little guy.

Congratulations to Rebecca and Amitai for a job well done!

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