Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday Random 10: Clang, clang, clang went the trolley Edition

Latest sign that I'm getting my act together? This, after quite a few weeks.

In other good news, if I can get some productive work done today, the last day of a long week, I get to go for a nice BYOB dinner at a cool restaurant here that we have yet to try.

Or really, even if I don't get the work done. How cool is that?

1. "Curiosity," k. d. lang (Invincible Summer)
2. "Squeeze Box Boogie," Clifton Chenier (Zydeco Blues & Boogie)
3. "Talk to Me, Baby," The Yockamo All-Stars (Dew Drop Out)
4. Tchaikovsky: Ouverture Minature to Nutcracker Suite, Georg Solti, Chicago Symphony
5. "She Makes Me Feel Good," Lyle Lovett (Joshua Judges Ruth)
6. "The Trolley Song," The Pied Pipers (Music of the War Years, Vol. 2)
7. "Acetate Prophets," Jurassic 5 (Power in Numbers [bonus DVD])
8. Dufay: Agnus dei, Missa "l'homme armé", Paul Hillier and Hilliard Ensemble (Missa "l'homme armé" and Motets)
9. "Through Time," Roisin Murphy (Ruby Blue)
10. "Like Someone in Love," Björk (Debut)


BigT said...

You have quite a variety in musical styles and genres.

I've been on this post-breakup Beatles kick of late. I found an article on a few years back and the title was What if the Beatles had recorded one more album? and it had a listing of their 10 picks of what that album would consist of.

Some obvious ones like Imagine (John), Maybe I'm Amazed (Paul), My Sweet Lord (George) and It Don't Come Easy (Ringo) were on the list.

But I have been digging a bit deeper here. So I submit my "Isis-like" list of a few of my new faves.
"Beware of Darkness", George Harrison, All Things Must Pass, 1970.
"Love", John Lennon, John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, 1970.
"Too Many People", Paul McCartney, Ram, 1971.
"I'm The Greatest", Ringo Starr, Ringo, 1973.

As it turns out, a few of these songs were in existence prior to the breakup of the Beatles.

I have most of them on CD so at some point I will probably commit to a CD of it's own. My title would be something like, 7071.

I also found out that the group Badfinger was an Apple label prodogy and the Beatles basically gave them them the songs to their two or three big hits.

"Come and Get it" was a Paul McCartney tune and a Beatles version of it was included on the Anthology 3 (1996) CD set. I actually like Paul's version better. And the song "Day After Day" was a George Harrison composition on which he plays lead guitar.

What if.......

Isis said...

That is a great list. I love the "Ram" album, and "Beware of Darkness" is a terrific song. Have you ever heard the version that Leon Russell recorded? Not too bad.

I did not know that about Badfinger. You have quite the Beatles (and post-Beatles) knowledge--great stuff in there!

BigT said...

Glad you liked it. Hopefully soon (and I mean really soon) like this week end, I will sit down and burn the first disk of songs from the original list.

Then I will work on the second disk with some of the more obscure and lesser known tunes that are worthy of inclusion.

I am finally done buying CDs now (ha) so it is time to just git'r done. I bought a George Harrison CD to get the song "What Is Life" and I ended up getting Badfinger's greatest Hits a few weeks ago. Man, the lead singer sounds so much like Paul sometimes it is kinda scary. Great liner notes and a surprisingly good album as well.

If you are interested I can make you a copy.