Thursday, March 22, 2007


The time has come: I need to stop swimming. I hope this is temporary.

Last night was the kind of practice that has become too typical for me lately, where I spend most of it frustrated or angry or crying. I kicked for an hour, 2000 meters, and called it a night.

At first I thought that doing this kicking thing, which I have been doing since the beginning of Februrary, would be a way to be in the pool while I recovered from this injury. When I realized this week that I am going to need to do a bit more rest before I can get back to swimming for real, I had to look at what will likely be 4-6 more weeks of kicking, and I just cannot do that. Not because kick is so horrible, but because at every practice I have to watch all the other people swimming for real. Like Monday night, when a couple of guys in the lane next to me were doing a good practice together and since they are relatively recently returning to the sport, I could have hung with them if I had the use of my arms. I just wanted to badly to be in their lane, doing their practice.

So no more pool for me for a while. Please, keep your fingers crossed for me, that it is not too long.


Joe said...

I'm sorry to hear about your setback. What are you going to do for exercise until you recover? I hear that all the cool kids in Blogland are doing "spin" classes. Have you tried that? Or maybe it's time to dust off the running shoes and go for a jog? Or what about yoga? Look at this as an opportunity to try something new.

Scott said...

Two thousand yards kicking? That’s absolutely brutal, something very few would even attempt (certainly not I). No wonder you’re frustrated. I do know shoulder injuries take a long time to heal even with a lot of physiotherapy and the major contributor to the healing process is simple rest. There's just no rushing it. From my own experiences I’d advise waiting until your shoulder feels fully healed – and then wait another two weeks. Better to take three or even more months off than create a chronic injury which will haunt you for years to come. Listen to Joe and try something else in the meantime (you might need a shoulder sling if you want to jog however). Ask your physio what he or she recommends. We all look forward to the day you can write about your first day back in the pool.

MartyTheFool said...

Yep, Isis, I completely understand. Chances are you'll feel a twinge of competitiveness, do something you shouldn't and end up rehabing for longer. Best to stay away, heal up and come back strong.

Don't give up everything! I agree with Joe. And if running is out, maybe hiking or biking. I know that's small consolation for doing what you love (Been there, done that).

Hang tough girl.